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One arrest may slow down burglary wave

Home burglaries and entering auto thefts have been a big problem in Lee County recently. Sheriff's Investigators arrested a burglary suspect Monday afternoon, and recovered more than $5,000 in stolen items.

Sheriff Reggie Rachals said they hope this arrest will clear up a number of burglaries and thefts that have been plaguing Lee County in recent months.

About 4:30 Monday afternoon a young man ran into Lenny's Boats on 21st Avenue in Albany acting like a customer, but seconds later law enforcement from Dougherty and Lee County arrested him.  25 year old Christopher Shaw had run from Deputies in the nearby woods.

"He doesn't have a permanent address. He moves from place to place," said Lee County Sheriff Reggie Rachals.

Power tools, fishing rods, and a trawling motor were  taken from two home burglaries this month.. Investigators found it in woods across North Slappey.

 "We were able to recover this material you see on the table in a wooded area behind Knight's Inn covered by pine straw and everything," Rachals said.

Investigators say Shaw burglarized a home on Jordan Road, stealing the tools from the owners of Johnny Brown Construction Company. Some of the items are from another home burglary on Philema Road weeks before.

 "I think this subject had knowledge of who he was hitting, and what trade they were in. So that's how he was able to get what he was able to get."

Now Sheriff's Investigators continue to look into these burglaries, and say more arrests and charges are possible.

Most of those stolen items have now been returned to the owners.

Shaw is being held in the Lee County jail on burglary and felony theft by taking charges.  Rachals said that most of the recent burglaries have been during the day, when homes are empty.

He urges Lee County homeowners to call the Sheriff's Department when they are going on vacation, and let his Office know so deputies can watch the homes. Their number is 229-759-6012.

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