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Pastor prays for rain


Rain showers have come few and far between this year in Southwest Georgia.  Last month was one of the driest Mays ever and June doesn't appear to be much more forgiving. How about we pray for rain? Pastor John Eubanks of Friendship Alliance Church in Moultrie believes prayer is the answer we need.

"We just want to call the community together to pray with us and we believe if we humble ourselves before God and cry out for his mercy, he'll send rain," said Eubanks.

This isn't the first time Eubanks has prayed for rain and he says he's had success in the past.

"We had a real drought for a couple of years. It got real dry and we had three or four community prayer meetings for rain and then rain came and it came in abundance," said Eubanks

The prayer meeting will be held Thursday morning, at seven o'clock, at the amphitheater in front of the courthouse, where Eubanks hopes God will send rain and end this drought.

Eubanks says the sooner the community prays for rain, the better.

"I don't want us to wait another six months or let this get deep into a drought because this drought has just begun. Last time we waited too long before we started praying and I believe God has called us to come together now," said Eubanks.

In 2007 Former Georgia governor Sonny Perdue prayed for rain during an extreme drought and the very next day it rained. Eubanks hopes to have similar results.

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