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Damaging winds tear through Albany

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Some strange weather kicked up in south Georgia Monday night.  Even some areas that didn't see a drop of rain did feel some powerful winds.

They knocked down trees, limbs, and power lines in lot of places - including numerous spots in Albany.

On Olivia street in east Albany, part of a tree snapped and landed on Tommy Hightower's home.

Earlier Monday evening, another tree fell across Elva road and landed on power lines. Not too far away, another tree split in half and landed on the road near Blaylock street and Tift avenue.

Further west on the 1400 block on North Harding, another large limb fell on top of a power line. That was a common occurrence for several neighborhoods in Albany Monday.

Crews have been out all night cleaning up the damage and restoring power outages throughout town.

Tommy Hightower, who lives on Olivia street, says he and his wife were at home when he saw what looked like a tornado come by his window.

"We saw it, we were scared, so we dived down on the floor together," said Hightower.

He and his wife are okay. Around 8:45 p.m., the wind was blowing so hard the fountains were spewing water sideways at the Albany mall.  The winds were so strong they even tore a street sign off at Hilltop and Stuart near the station.

Albany firefighters also responded to several grass fires caused by sparking power lines. We're told there are a lot of trees down and some homes damaged in Sycamore in Turner County.



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