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'Backover' collisions increase in summer

During the Kids are out of school and more active, and drivers may not expect a little one to be behind their vehicle as they back up.

Most of us look in our rear-view mirrors before we back up, but it's also important to get out and check behind your vehicle too, otherwise, you may make a deadly mistake.

Many of us remember those wise words our parents told us about vehicle safety. But unfortunately, sometimes drivers don't see the full scene behind their vehicle.

"Anytime I'm checking the house, I always check behind to make sure there are no obstacle there for me."

As a father of three, Kris Senn always goes the extra step when it comes to making sure his children are safe. "I always make sure there is nothing that is behind me that can distract me or that I can hit."

But he does it to make sure other children are safe as well. "I would say make sure you check..because its not just their children its other children too, they are out running around all the time."

To prove how misleading depending on just a rear view mirror can be, we did an exercise. We place ten 36 inch cones behind an SUV, and it wasn't until a cone was placed almost 50 feet away that the driver could see it in the rear view mirror.

"We want parents to be aware that often up to 50 or 60 feet you cant see what's behind you."

Proof that you can easily have a dozen children behind your vehicle and not even be aware of it.

You often see utility cones parked with a cone behind them that's so those utility workers look behind their truck before they get in a drive off. Teach your children how to protect themselves from vehicles, and do your part as a driver..get out and check before you back up.

If your vehicle does not have a back-up camera..you can always get one installed. It's a great investment for any vehicle to have.

Even with one of those cameras it's still a good idea to look behind your vehicle before you back up.


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