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Protect your car from the heat

As the school year comes to an end and families start to travel more in the summer heat, they could be putting their cars in serious danger. Mechanic Buddy Purvis of Purvis auto repairs says commuters must maintain the one of the most important parts of your car in this summer heat, your tires.

"Keep your eye on the inflation of your tires. Always check the pressure of tire when the tire is cold. You get a better reading. Keep an eye on the pressure because it builds heat resistance on your tires and makes them last longer," said Purvis.

Other than the engine, your radiator plays a vital role in enjoying a family vacation this summer. Purvis says if you don't want to be stranded on the side of the road, always keep an eye on the hoses and belts.

"One thing you want to look for is your radiator hoses.  Make sure they're soft and not crunchy or anything. You should replace your belts and hoses every two to three years," said Purvis

Remember never open the radiator cap when the engine is still hot. The liquid will splash out and severely burn you.

There are a couple of myths to avoid while driving in the summer heat such as "there is no such thing as too much Freon in your air conditioner". Purvis says too much Freon will lock up your engine. Also, water should never be a replacement for engine coolant.

"Never put straight water in your vehicle. Antifreeze does two things. It protects your vehicle from freezing in the winter time. It also acts as a summer coolant and prevents boil over," said Purvis.

A couple of other tips to beat the summer heat are to park in shaded areas if possible. Also, tint your windows. The tint not only helps keep the inside of your car cool, it blocks harmful Ultraviolet rays while you drive just like sunglasses do for your eyes.

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