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Judge Willie Weaver granted leave of absence in Albany

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Albany Municipal Court Judge Willie Weaver was granted a leave of absence Friday as he deals with an aggravated assault case against him.

He's charged with hitting his wife in the face with a beer bottle. Weaver requested the leave during a special closed door city commission meeting, and commissioners agreed. He will continue to get paid at least for the next 90-days.Even though he won't be working for the city. WALB News Ten was the only TV station at the hearing.

While Willie Weaver isn't a city employee, he is appointed by the city commission and they reserve the right to suspend or remove him. He said little to WALB but spoke with commissioners for more than 20 minutes explaining his circumstances and what he would like them to do. @

Commissioners wasted little time and got right down to business at a closed door executive session that we were able to watch from behind the glass. Judge Willie Weaver was invited to stay and spoke with commissioners after requesting an indefinite leave of absence.

"He explained what he was about, he also explained what ever way we went about it would be okay with him, but he did want to be granted his leave of absence," said Commissioner Tommie Postell.

Nearly half way through the hour long hearing, Weaver was asked to step out so commissioners could deliberate. Several commissioners were quite animated during the discussion.

"We don't really have a report on the specific incident so we in light of all the circumstances and the information that we had we made the best decision or the best compromise that we could make," said Commissioner Dorothy Hubbard.

When they were through, Commissioner Tommie Postell offered a motion to accept Weaver's petition for a leave of absence as he proposed it indefinitely, but the motion died for a lack of a second. Commissioners then went on to accept the leave of absence with the condition it would be for 90 days with pay, allowing them to revaluate at that point.

"We reserve the right to come back and review the situation," said Hubbard.

Weaver had little to say about the decision as he left the meeting

"I have a criminal charge pending a serious criminal charge and I've been advised by council not to make any statements at this time," said Judge Willie Weaver.

Commissioner Dorothy Hubbard says the commission had no policy to refer to when it came to this matter. She wants that changed.

"We have issues of not having a specific policy that deals with appointed officials. We have an issue of people who work for the city who report to the city manager having been given leave with pay all of those are issues we had to take into consideration," said Hubbard.

So that in the future issues with personnel are clearly understood and dealt with in a uniform fashion.

Weaver isn't just a municipal court judge in Albany, he also sits on the bench in Dawson and Sylvester. We checked with both. Sylvester City Council is expected to discuss the issue Monday night at their meeting and Dawson's City Manager is looking into the issue there.

In Albany, Weaver's cases are being reassigned to another judge.

Weaver's leave of absence is effective immediately.

Commissioners did want him to remain on the bench hearing cases while he faces his own criminal charges.

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