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Southwest Georgia remembers Civil Rights movement

This week, Albany is hosting the 50th anniversary reunion of the Southwest Georgia Civil Rights movement. Committee planner Daaiyah Salaam says she is grateful the original leaders of the movement made her future brighter.

"Albany and the surrounding counties have benefited from their sacrifices and this is a token from us saying we remember you, we recognize you, we appreciate you and want to continue what you started," said Salaam.

Shirley Alexander says the movement and the reunion mean so much to her. She was a part of the first group of African American girls to graduate from Albany High School. She even said the movement here in Albany helped spark recent uprisings in places such as Egypt.

"I truly believe that is all started right here in the United States of America some 50 years ago with Albany being involved in it," said Alexander.

Not only will the reunion have guest speakers recalling their stories of the past, artist like painters and sculptors will be telling their stories through their work.

Artist Sean Mulkey says his paintings help him express his appreciation for those who went before him and fought for equal rights.

"Because of them, right now I'm free. Free to go places blacks weren't allowed to back then. Free to be me," said Mulkey.

Salaam is encouraging the community to come out and take part in the events because there is still so much to be learned.

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