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The heat is on for outdoor workers

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Anyone whose experienced a South Georgia summer, knows the meaning of a hot day. But the folks who truly know it best, are the ones who work outdoors day in and day out. "I'm just used to it you know. I've been doing it for years and I know I've got to make my check every week so I just get out there and do it," said All in One Lawn Maintenance employee Luke Carter.

Carter works for his Dad's lawn maintenance company. He says the summer months are by far the most strenuous. "There's a whole lot more to do. A lot more grass growing. A lot more customers calling wanting different things."

Carter says his first priority is to stay hydrated, but in the past the heat has gotten the best of him. "I try to keep ahead of the game, but there's been a few times where I just had to go sit down you know. If you get to that point you best just stop and catch up on some rest."

Founder of Robinson Lawn Service, Ulysses Robinson, says the best thing to do is start working as early as possible. "It's pretty tough during after hours like lunch hour, one o'clock, two o'clock. It starts getting hot then so I basically get home by 2:30, three o'clock."

Robinson says his faith helps him battle the high temperatures. "I've been doing it for 37 years and I appreciate what god do for me. Give me the strength to keep moving on and keep pressing on, but it's all good though. I enjoy it."

Carter says during the winter months he goes to the gym, mainly to prepare for the summer heat. "I keep in mind the summer a lot you know and just try to stay in shape for when it comes because I know how hot it's gunna be."

Carter says after a day like today he has no energy for the gym. He says his favorite thing to do after a long day of work is go to the pool and cool down.

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