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New gateways planed

Three major thoroughfares into Albany are about to get a major facelift, but it will cost taxpayers. 

Leaders displayed artist renderings of what gateways might look like at the Dawson Road and 520 interchange, North Slappey at the Liberty Expressway, and Newton Road at the Airport.

Albany City Commissioners approved a more expensive plan that will cost nearly $752,000.

A state grant for $372,000 will pay nearly half. The city must pay the rest and cover maintenance.

"You want to be careful about your expenditures," said Albany Assistant Manager Wes Smith. "I'm pleased to say and we have said the city is in good condition, our finances are good and of course you noticed in the Dougherty County story and we're noticing on our side sales tax are picking up so some of the revenues that have been down are starting to get better."

The city will use sales tax revenue to cover its part of the bill. Commissioners hope to partner with Albany Tech, Turner Job Corps, and volunteers to help with maintenance and cut down on upkeep costs.

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