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Mall stores back in business

A day after an electrical fire forced some stores at the Albany Mall to close early, most of them reopened on time Thursday morning. Foot Action is the only store that remains closed.

Nearly a half dozen stores shut down Wednesday afternoon when a fire sparked in an electrical box in a service hallway behind Foot Action.

Crews cut power to about half the mall for several hours. A fire wall prevented the flames from spreading.

 "It's a two hour rating, and it's supposed to stop it from getting into the store, which is what it did," said Debra Rowe of the Albany Mall.

Mall managers say security workers worked quickly to get customers to safety and to inform stores that their power would be cut. They also praised the quick response from the Albany Fire Department.

Firefighters used dry chemicals to extinguish the electrical fire. As soon as Foot Action makes necessary repairs, they'll reopen.

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