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The Southwest Civil Rights Reunion is this week

The Southwest Civil Rights Reunion is happening this week. Civil Rights Activists, Community Leaders, and Educators will come together to celebrate.

They plan commemorate the struggles and successes of the Southwest Georgia Civil Rights Movement.

Over 50 years ago, Southwest Georgia was very different than it is now. Racism was a common practice through the way blacks and others were treated.

From sitting at the back of the bus, to segregated water fountains, and schools everything was about the color of your skin. 

But thanks to a small few Albanians things were changed for the better. Organizers say this event is to remember the past, while addressing present issues and making plans for the future.

Those who fought for equality 50 years ago, believe The civil rights movement continues. "Contrary to what historians believe that we left. We are here to say its confirmed that all these years we were here. And now we're welcoming back, students from years ago, who came and put their lives on the line to help us bring change to Southwest Georgia," said Community Activist Shirley Sherrod.

The four day event will focus on major issues in the African American community. Students and young children will be allowed to attend for free.

You can find more information about registration prices HERE.

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