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Tifton Police officer inspires others through his music

A police officer in Tifton is using his musical skills to help spread a positive message to those in need of one.

Lieutenant Garfield Rhaney is a police officer by day but a rapper and a DJ at night. He's hoping his positive uplifting music inspire others, especially when there is so much negativity in the world.

Most days you'll find Lieutenant Garfield Rhaney out on the streets patrolling the city for crime. When he's not in uniform, he goes by G-Man, "Next to law enforcement..this is what I do," he said.

He works as a DJ and a rapper on the side and everything he writes, performs and produces is done at his house in his spare bedroom turned recording studio. "I'm not in it to get popular or get famous, I just like doing music," he said.

All of his songs come from real life experiences many of which come from working as a police officer. "Those people sometimes get desperate and they make bad choices that they pay for later," he said.

As an officer, he often encounters the worst, "I for one have to talk to the victims of these crimes and I feel their pain," he said.

He's using his encounters as a way to bring hope into the lives that need it most. His latest single is titled "Don't Give Up", and he was inspired to write the song after the economy took a downward turn."I wrote this song to tell people to hang in there, there will be a better day just be tough," he said.

Experiencing the crimes first hand can be frustrating. "I was just fed up, and I came home and just started writing the song

That's why he wrote the song "No Excuse" "There is no excuse for it, get out and get a job, there is no excuse for these crimes, he said.

Unlike many rappers today the G-man doesn't use any profanity in his music, "Most of the rappers today communicate differently, they have a lot of slang in their rap," he said.

He hopes he can inspire others to make a change in their lives, and look on the bright side of things rather than turning to crime to get by.

Lieutenant Rhaney wrote a letter to President Obama asking for his blessing after using parts of his speech in his song"don't Give up".

He has not heard back from the White House yet.

If you would like to listen to some of the G-Man's music click here

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