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Weaver silent on assault arrest

Weaver arrives at the Sheriff's Office Weaver arrives at the Sheriff's Office
Judge Willie Weaver with his lawyer Johnnie Graham Judge Willie Weaver with his lawyer Johnnie Graham
Weaver posted his bond and left the Sheriff's Office Weaver posted his bond and left the Sheriff's Office
Weaver's mugshot Weaver's mugshot

Albany Municipal Court Judge Willie Weaver was arrested Friday, after GBI agents charged him aggravated assault and domestic violence.

He's accused of hitting his wife with a beer bottle at a party at a police officer's home early Saturday morning.

The GBI issued the felony arrest warrant for aggravated assault this morning, and the 53-year-old Municipal Court Judge turned himself in to authorities at the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office about 2:00PM for booking, and then was released on bond.

Judge Willie Weaver posted ten thousand dollars bond and left the Sheriff's Office with his lawyer Johnnie Graham.

We asked Judge Weaver to talk to us about these charges.  "Excuse me guys," Graham said. "He does not have any comment. Those will be made by me at the appropriate time."

We asked is he hit his wife, and Graham said, "Comments will be made, responses to questions will be provided by me."

Weaver said nothing as he left. His attorney pointing out that Weaver's wife Vester did not press charges against her husband.

Graham said "Regardless of what people thoughts may or may not be, the case is being presented and prosecuted by the Georgia Bureau of Investigations. " And he maintains his innocence? "Graham said "He certainly does."

Weaver was named in a domestic violence incident report as the primary aggressor early Saturday morning, when his 31 year old wife suffered superficial injuries.

 "The general information is that some sort of instrument was used to strike the alleged victim in this instance, that would make it an aggravated assault." Edwards later confirmed that instrument was believed to be a beer bottle. Vester Weaver was treated an Albany hospital that morning and released," said District Attorney Greg Edwards.

Mayor Willie Adams said he and the city commission would meet about the appointed Judge, after consulting with the City Attorney.  "There will have to be some decisions made as to Judge Weaver's role on the bench," Adams said.

Weaver's attorney said she would meet with the Judge later this afternoon to discuss what he wants to do about his role as a Judge, and his defense against the aggravated assault charge he faces now.

The GBI filed this search warrant request May 23rd, requesting to get Vester Weaver's medical records as they investigated the case. A Weaver associate said his wife is declaring she is standing by her man, as he faces these charges.

District Attorney Greg Edwards called the State Attorney General this morning and recused himself from this case as did all the local Superior court judges.

Administrative Judge Ronnie Joe Lane from the Pataula District was named to handle the case. A special prosecutor has not been named yet.

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