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Storm leaves behind damage, power outages

Some folks in Albany remain without power Thursday night after strong thunderstorms blew through. The worst of the outages were around Radium Springs Road and Oakridge Drive.

When we rode around town, power lines were down and lights were out at major intersections. A tree snapped and went right through Bobby Watson's home on South Madison street. His friend Cleveland Daniels was inside his living room when he saw lighting and heard part of this tree crash on the roof.

"The wind was blowing pretty hard," said Daniels. "I looked out and all the sudden, I heard this cracking noise, and the next thing we knew, the tree was falling through the roof."

It knocked out Watson's kitchen wall on the back. Another limb put a hole through Henry Mathis' home, and slung his lawn furniture across his yard.

"It was really frightening there for a moment," said Mathis. "I thought of what had gone on over in the Midwest, and it really got to be one of those moments where I said oh God I hope we don't have that kind of storm."

Wind was so bad it downed utility lines leaving businesses, homes and busy intersections without power. Vern Kersey dodged a big bullet on Maple street. This tree came down on his car roof while he and a friend were inside.

 "All I heard was crunch and all the sudden, we just ran out of the car as fast as we could," said Kersey. " I was freaking out a little bit."

The tree fell on another car nearby, minimizing the impact on his car. Even though the squall left damage in its path, victims are just glad they're okay.






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