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Even in drought, some gardens thrive

Gene Pierce Gene Pierce

Bright yellow squash and ripe tomatoes are a gardener's dream, but when you add extreme heat and a rainless month, that dream can become a nightmare.  Gene Pierce says he has the solution.

"If anyone likes gardening and wants to conserve watering, this is the best way I've found," said Pierce.

He's beating the drought by using a tip from a popular gardening show. Just drill a small hole in a bucket or pale.

"Place the bucket beside the plant and fill it with the amount of water you're going to need for that day and you're done," said Pierce.

The land is very dry, but Pierce still produces healthy vegetables like squash only using a hole and a bucket.

Now Gene has a garden full of tomatoes, squash and even a couple of nine inch peppers.

"It's just the simple matter of getting the right amount and letting nature go," said Pierce.

Not only does this bucket method help grow Pierce's garden in a drought, it also cuts down on his water bill.

"The savings are immense. 65 to75 percent over a conventional sprinkler. I recommend it to anybody that likes gardening," said Pierce.

The phrase "useless as a bucket with a hole in it" couldn't be any more wrong in Pierce's case because his buckets, with holes in them, are proving to be plenty of help in this rainless month.


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