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10-day old puppy rescued from pipe in Worth County

A 10-day old puppy got stuck in a drain pipe at the Worth County animal control shelter. He was pulled out and the rescue was caught on cell phone video.

The puppy was part of a litter of eight. The mother was recently quarantined after attacking another dog.

Animal control officer Marilynn Mims says when she went to clean out the kennel one of the puppies was missing.

He was so small he rolled under the chain link fence and she could hear his whimpers echoing from a drain pipe.

A public works crew worked for about a half hour to get him out.

"In the pipe his cries would echo so it was very hard to tell how deep he was in the pipe, that's why we kept looking and trying to feel up there with a pole and see just how deep we needed to go," said Marilynn Mims, Animal Control Officer.

The puppy's mother is scheduled to be euthanized.

The animal control officer says unfortunately that means the puppies will have to be put down too.

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