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Petrol price drops a bit

How about some good news? Gasoline prices are dropping! AAA is predicting the price of a gallon of gas will continue to drop by memorial Day.

Wes Sadler is happy to see gas prices fall. "I'm a financial planner, and I think it's encouraging whenever people pay less for the fuel in their tank, and are able to spend money on other things."

Gas is about $3.63 per gallon in Albany, some of the cheapest in the nation. "I guess that puts Albany on the map, huh? We're the lowest in some category, but that's good," said Kervin Davis.

"I feel good about it. I was in Florida a week or two ago and it was $3.98, and I said 'Goodness, I'd like to be back in Georgia,'" said Raymond Harfield.

The current national average price for gas is $3.85, which is a dime cheaper than last week, but still up a dollar from a year ago.

One station even has premium for the same price as the national average for regular unleaded.

And even though prices are falling, drivers want them even lower. "I wish it was back to like $2.30 or something like that," said Charles Simmons.

Although Memorial Day is around the corner, AAA is projecting for prices to keep falling.

We checked around to get a sampling of prices.

  • Sam's club is selling unleaded for $3.59
  • Lil' Pantry in Tift County also has gas for $3.59
  • Flash Foods in Lee County has gas for $3.62
  • We found drivers paying $3.68 for gas in Worth County

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