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Digging Deeper: Oprah's impact on So. GA

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Many of you were among the millions nationwide who watched as Oprah Winfrey said goodbye Wednesday afternoon.

After 25 years, she ended her syndicated talk show to focus on her new network OWN.

Many of you have been there faithfully, every day, making Oprah a part of your life.

There's no question Oprah has had a huge effect on society.

People we talked with say it's her down to earth attitude, her giving spirit, and friendly manner that drew them in and they'll miss the program. Many are even willing to pay extra on their cable bill to see her new network.

The end of the Oprah era was the talk of Natural Hair Wonders beauty shop.

"The receptions and I were talking about here how we would miss her, just miss the show because I've watched it for years," said Burnie Anderson, a long time Oprah watcher.

Why have so many watched over the last 25 years? Some say it's the lessons Oprah taught them along the way.

"She taught me forgiveness, how to let go, not to just hang on to things, how to let it go," said Eva Burns, an Oprah fan.

She bridges the gap between black and white, women and men.

"I think she's somewhat of an Angel because she helps give blessings to other people. She gives people a reason to feel like they have something else to live for," said Thomas Williams, an admitted Oprah watcher.

Pauline Abidde got the opportunity to meet her in person after a trip to the show, resulted in trip to Australia. What Oprah said there made a big impact.

"Extraordinary things can happen to ordinary people and that was an extraordinary thing that I could not have imagined that could happen to me," said Abidde.

It was her down to earth attitude that made Pauline a fan for life.

"People wonder is she as real as compassionate as what you see on the TV and she is all of that she is very down to earth in spite of her success. She has remained grounded and in touch with ordinary people. She's Oprah," said Abidde.

That's enough for many to make the switch to her new network.

"I think she's doing a lot of interviews with people who get to the core of who they really are, like she did Shania Twain and just to hear her story," said Karon Reddick.

In hopes Oprah will continue to touch their lives for years to come.

Of course while Oprah's last show was Wednesday, but you can continue to watch her in re-runs on WALB, NBC through August, so you don't have to quit cold turkey.

Winfrey's taking some time off now, and later this summer will devote her attention to a new show for her OWN cable Network. You can see the new network here in Albany, but Mediacom charges extra for it.

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