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South Georgia business gets boost from Oprah

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Many of you tuned in to the final Oprah Winfrey Show Wednesday afternoon.  It marked the end of an era that began 25 years ago when Winfrey launched her talk show.

The Power of Oprah has launched a whole lot more over the years, including the products and careers of others.

Just last week, a small south Georgia business got some national attention as a result of Oprah.

Designer Nate Berkus got his start on the Oprah show, and now has his own show produced by Oprah's company. Several weeks ago, a south Georgia home accessories business put their product on his show and they've been busy ever since.

The idea started innocently enough in their husbands' saw mill, with a need for a few picture frames. When friends starting noticing and asking for frames, it turned into a part time business. They're all made from recycled materials.

"From churches and just barns and houses, and old buildings they tear down and that's where this wood comes from it's all reclaimed wood," said Kristen Fuller of Stewart & James.

So when sisters-in-law and business partners Kristen and Arre Fuller got a call several weeks ago that the Nate Berkus Show wanted to use their frames in a segment on gifts under 50 dollars, they rushed to send the product out.

"Of course we were real excited, we jumped on it and got some frames to them and we found out the day of they would be on the air," said Fuller.

The rest has meant a lot of work.

"We immediately saw a spike on our web site, we've had a lot more inquiries, orders, just interest over-all since a week ago," said Arre Fuller, of Stewart & James.

They say Oprah gets some of the credit for their increase in sales, since her production company produces the show.

"Everybody knows who Oprah is and I know that's how Nate got his start, that's how I knew about Nate Berkus and his show that he started, so yeah it's definitely thanks to Oprah," said Kristen.

Now they're at the shop as much as they can be, filling those orders.

"I can't even imagine if that was of course to continue what kind of increase we would see," said Arre.

Hoping their business start-up might turn into a full time job, thanks to a little national exposure from a man who found fame the same way.

If you want to reach Stewart & James you can find them at

You can also reach Kristen Fuller at 229-886-7656.

To give you an idea of the impact, they say the segment was less than 5 minutes, and its earned them international exposure with calls from other countries.

While Oprah's last show was Wednesday, you can continue to watch your favorite Oprah episodes in re-runs right here until the end of August.

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