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"100 Days of Summer HEAT" in full effect

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Nearly 1,600 people die in crashes on Georgia roads each year. The governor is turning up the heat to keep you safe.

Over the next 100 days, Georgia law enforcement officers will have zero tolerance for excessive speeding and seat belt violations. "During this time we also pay close attention to those drivers who may be impaired, driving under the influence of alcohol," said TPD Public Information Officer Lt. Eric Hampton.

The Thomasville Police Department teamed up with the Governor's Office of Highway Safety for the "100 Days of Summer HEAT" campaign. This is the largest and most comprehensive traffic education and enforcement campaign in the state's history. "With it being the summer, with more drivers on the road during the day, and also more kids or more children out walking on the streets and the roadways, we're really paying close attention in those areas," said Hampton.

All summer, aggressive drivers will be stopped at road checks or by concentrated patrols on interstates, secondary corridors, and local highways. Officers will also be on the lookout for people who do not have valid driver's licenses. "We can get a lot of drivers off the road who are not really supposed to be on the road or don't need to be on the road," said Hampton.

Hampton says there is a common misconception about traffic tickets. "A lot of people think we write citations basically because officers want to write citations. That's not really the reason for writing citations. However the citations are for their safety."

Hampton says nothing will really change for drivers as long as they drive safe, drive smart, and always wear a seat belt.

To alleviate some of the Memorial Day weekend traffic, The Georgia Department of Transportation is suspending all construction related lane closures beginning from 5:00 AM Friday until 10:00 PM Monday.

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