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Worth Co. dog attack could have been prevented

The animal control officer in Worth County wants to inform the public on the importance of reporting dogs bites.

She recently investigated a dog attack on a teenager that shouldn't have happened. The dog should have been quarantined at the time, but an earlier attack on another dog was never reported.

Every year millions of Americans are bitten by dogs. In Georgia, It's the law that any animal to animal bite or animal to human bite is reported. "This way we can make sure the animals are quarantined properly," said Mariylnn Mims, Animal Control Officer in Worth County. 

But unfortunately, Mims says there are more animal to animal bites that go unreported than those that are reported. She recently ran into a case where a simple phone call could have prevented two dog bite attacks in one day. "A lady was walking her dog with her child and her mother and a Pit Bulldog came out attacked her dog," said Mims.

Thankfully, two men helped pull the dog away before he went for the child.  Later that day the same dog attacked again this time it went after a 16-year old. "If it had been reported as an animal to animal bite we may could have prevented from the child from getting bit," said Mims.

If the bite was reported, the dog would have been quarantined. Mims says all bites need to be reported because rabies are so prevalent.

It doesn't take a bite for rabies to transfer, "It is passed on through saliva," said Mims.

That's why its important to keep your pets up to date on their vaccinations. "If they are not up to date on their rabies shots sometimes it a 45 day watch other days it a 6 month isolation," said Mims.

The dog was up to date on its rabies shots, but because of its two attacks in one day the owner requested to have the dog euthanized.

If you need to report a dog bite you can contact your local law enforcement, animal control or environmental health agency.

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