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Albany Judge under investigation

Judge Willie Weaver is being investigated by the GBI for a domestic violence incident.

31 year old Vester Weaver was treated for injuries at an Albany hospital early Saturday morning after an incident between her and her husband that happened at the home of an Albany police officer.

District Attorney Greg Edwards requested the investigation of Municipal Court Judge Willie Weaver be turned over to the GBI Saturday. In part, because he is a judicial official who works with the Police officers, and in part because the incident happened at an Albany Police Officer's home, with a number of Police officers on hand who may have witnessed what happened.

53-year-old Judge Willie Weaver was not at Municipal Court Monday  morning, nor at his office.

The Albany Police domestic violence incident report says that sometime between 11 PM Friday and 12:30 Saturday morning at the home of Albany Police Captain Mack Green, Weaver caused superficial injuries to his wife Vester. The report says she was also abused by threats and abusive language. The Police report also says that children were present, and that alcohol was involved in the abuse.

Weaver is an appointed official of the Albany City Commission, and Mayor Willie Adams say they will also be investigating the incident when they receive the GBI's report.

"If the allegations are true, then of course this office and the city commission will have to take action," Adams said.

The Police Incident Report also said that Mrs. Weaver had issued between one and five other complaints of previous abuse before this one. Mrs. Weaver talked to Police at Palmyra Medical Centers, where she was treated for her injuries and released. Judge Weaver was not at the hospital according to the report.

GBI Investigators say they have not charged anyone in this case so far.

Judge Weaver is scheduled to be on the bench Wednesday in Municipal Court, and Mayor Adams says he is not sure if he will be sitting on the bench then.

We tried a number of times today to contact Judge Weaver, both by phone and in person at his law office, but he has not returned any of those messages so far.

If Albany Police had handled the domestic violence incident, then by city law the primary aggressor would have had to go to jail while an investigation was done.

But because the GBI is a state agency, they are not bound by the city ordinance.

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