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Police investigate quadruple shooting

Gun shot victim: Hellen Hardeman Gun shot victim: Hellen Hardeman
Two suspects arrested in Saturday's shooting Two suspects arrested in Saturday's shooting

Four people were shot Saturday night in Cordele. Police are investigating that quadruple shooting that sent three people to the hospital. Right now, two suspects are in jail and a third is in custody.

WALB news Tens Tayleigh Davis spoke to one innocent woman who got caught up in the cross fire.

65 year-old-Hellen Hardeman was just sitting on her porch in Cordele when she heard several gun shots. She even had her grand children with her. By the time she got up from her chair to go inside, she had already been shot.

"It hit me before I got up because I felt it burning," said Hardeman.

She and a neighbor were sitting on her porch Saturday night at Sunset Homes housing projects when she hear gun shots.

"I got up and my leg was stinging," Hardeman noted. "I told my neighbor I've been shot."

The bullet missed her neighbor and penetrated the back of her left upper thigh.

"I came in the house and  I could feel blood coming down," Hardeman added. "Blood was everywhere."

EMS crews rushed her to the hospital but did not remove the bullet. Police responded to several locations between 21st and 23rd avenues where people like Penny Trice heard several gun shots.

"All we heard was gun shots over and over and over and they kept shooting," said Trice.

Hardeman and Markevious Johnson were shot near the 500 block of west 22nd avenue. Johnson suffered gun shot wounds to his left leg. A block over on West 21st avenue, bullets hit Kenneth Grover in the right arm and thigh. A bullet hit his brother Christopher in the right side and clipped his liver.

Police do believe the shooting started from an earlier incident when the suspects tried breaking into the home of a victim's relative. They also say people hang out at the 600 block area of 22nd avenue where the shots started. All victims are expected to be okay. Hardeman says kids were out in the yard during the shooting.

Police arrested 20-year-old Kelcey Smith and 18-year-old Rondell Ashley in the first shooting. They're still questioning a suspect on the second shooting on west 21st avenue.

"I'm 65, and this is the first time I've ever had a bullet in me," Hardemen added. "I said Lord, Jesus, you spared my life one more time."

For now on, Hardeman won't be outside on her porch when the sun goes down. She will go back to the doctor next week to have the bullet removed form her leg.

Police are still questioning a person of interest in the second shooting on 21st Avenue.

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