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East Albany businesses continue to thrive

Businesses is booming for several east Albany stores. Since the new Walmart opened Wednesday, they've seen a lot of customers coming through their doors.

WALB news Ten's Tayleigh Davis spoke to workers and shoppers. The Walmart parking lot was packed with shoppers Friday.

Many of them stopped by nearby stores, and the employees say the new super store has attracted businesses to their shops all week.

Managers at the stores inside this strip center say ever since Walmart opened, people have been pouring into their doors.

Mary Green is already back after she came to Walmart's grand opening Wednesday. She's buying cook out items for this weekend.

"I love the eastside Walmart," said Green.

Willie Henderson has been selling watermelons at the corner of Cordele road and Clark avenue for five seasons. He's seen an uptick in business and traffic since the ribbon cutting.

"Traffic has picked up," said Henderson. "It gets pretty busy during rush hour but we don't have a problem with it so far."

Henderson and Green hope the entrances on the Sylvester road and Cordele road side will help ease traffic, especially with an added light on Cordele road..

"The traffic light will take care of it," said Green. "If that gets too bad, the police will help."

As other businesses prepare to open including an new gas station, shoppers hope traffic won't bottleneck the area.

"I love this and when the service station comes, it will make all the other service stations lower their prices," said Green.

At the same time, store managers want to see a steady flow of cars into their parking lot. That means more foot traffic in their stores.

The Harveys parking lot wasn't as full as it usually is. It's right next door to the Walmart. A spokesperson with the supermarket says the new store has not affected their business because they have a different business model.

That includes selling local produce and meats and their hometown rewards program.

A worker at the Dollar Tree there in the Walmart shopping center also told us sales have been  strong all week.

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