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Do you hate gnats?

We have just the thing for you!

A Berrien County man has invented a Gnat Hat, to keep those flying pests out of your eyes, ears and nose!

While you won't likely see it on a high fashion runway, it supposedly does the job it's designed to do.

If you're tired of those annoying gnats eating you up, Ronnie Joiner has something for you. A Gnat Hat, made of mesh that completely covers your head. He says it will keep those pesky gnats and other insects away from your face.

Ladies, it may not be a fashion statement, but it comes in all colors and Joiner says it's designed to bring you relief from gnats.

He thought of the idea in 2009 as gnats were tearing him up, but it wasn't until late 2010 that he created the product. It's been sold in stores for 10 weeks.

"God reminded me in 2010. He said the Gnat Hat," said Joiner. "Make a Gnat Hat."

He has these hats for adults and children for $9 each.

He says his cabinet business was hurt by the recession.

"We had 64 employees three years ago and now we're down to 10 or 12," said Joiner. "This is an asset to us. It's a good product."

And now he's glad he's able to promote something else, the Gnat Hat that will protect you from swarms of annoying little bugs.

Ronnie Joiner says he'll soon have gnat hats for animals too. Click here to find out more on the Gnat Hat.  


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