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Baby deer survive when mother did not

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The two baby fawns are as cute as they can be, but it's quite a miracle they're alive. Their mother jetted across Highway 278 in Bluffton, SC - still carrying her twins, when she was struck by a car.

"The babies appeared to be in great shape and survived the impact of the car, where the mother did not. I suspect the uterus and all of the fluid in there acted like an air bag and protected these babies and kept them from being killed," said Dr Ben Parker.

"When our guys arrived on seen the baby deers, or fawns were trying to stand up," said Capt. Randy Hunter. "If you've ever watched on the Discovery Channel, they were kind of wobbly legged."

Firefighters and law enforcement officers called upon the staff at Coastal Veterinary Clinic for help.

While Dr. Ben Parker and his staff have helped rescue fawns and other animals before - they say this is a unique situation. "This is the first time we've had a deer killed by a car and the babies survived."

"For them to look as good as they do six to eight hours after the fact is amazing. They're both eating and drinking. I think they'll both survive."

This caring team is going to continue to nurture them, giving them a chance at a normal life.

"What we're going to do for the next few months is we need to bottle feed them until they are weaned at about two to three months of age and the we'll try to find a place to release them and hopefully they'll be adopted by a heard of deer in the local area and be protected and live a full life," said Dr Ben Parker.

Bluffton Firefighters say they remained on scene protecting the fawns until the staff from Dr. Parker's office arrived. They say it's something they'll never forget.