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Narcotics agents seize prescription drugs

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Several sources told Thomas County Narcotics agents prescription drugs were being sold at this Thomasville home. "Anytime you receive information from more than a couple sources, you know there's a problem," said Thomas County Narcotics Commander Kevin Lee.

An undercover officer went to the house and approached 58 year old Sandra Mcdougle. The officer purchased several hydrocodone pills and numerous pills containing diazepam. "We then got arrests warrants for her and then we got a search warrant," said Lee.

Officers also seized nearly 400 dollars in cash. Lee says Mcdougle legally obtained the prescriptions. "I'm sure she needs medication because it was prescribed to her than she was selling whatever she didn't need. That's the way it looks."

Lee says his division has been very busy the last few months. He says they make at least one to two arrests a week involving prescription meds. "Either unlawfully possessing it, prescription medication mainly pain medicine, or selling it. It's really increased over the last several months."

Lee says it's really not any different from selling illegal drugs. "If you're selling drugs, you're selling drugs. Whether it's prescription medication or cocaine marijuana."

Investigators plan to let the physicians who wrote the prescriptions for Mcdougle know about her arrest. She is currently out on bond.

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