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Ashburn preacher burned in fire

A South Georgia Reverend is in the Augusta Burn Center, after escaping a house fire with second degree burns. His home caught fire early Friday morning in Ashburn.

The home is destroyed, and the family's pets were killed in the blaze.

The Reverend and his wife were able to get out. Everything the Brown family spent years working for is gone-- destroyed by fire.

"It was just really strange to wake up and see his home burned down," said Neighbor Richard McGahee.

McGahee is a retired contractor and friend of Rodney and Joann Brown, and has known the pastor of Trinity Baptist Church for years, and is saddened by his loss.

"He's a pastor and has his own church here. He's well liked and thought of here in the community."

Firefighters got the call just before 3:00AM and did what they could to put out the flames at 120 Jeanette Street in Ashburn.

"We just tried to surround and drown the house with water so it wouldn't spread," said Ashburn Fire Chief Randal Whiddon.

Pastor Brown suffered second degree burns on his face, hand and leg. He was airlifted to the Augusta Burn Center from Tift Regional Hospital.

"I understand he was trying to get some water hoses and went through the fire and got burned," McGahee said.

Fire chief Whiddon says Joann Brown believes the blaze started from the back porch. "She didn't know how it started. They were able to get out but lost two dogs."

"He was a black Labrador. He was about the same size" McGahee said. Thankfully both of them both got out, and Reverend Brown is expected to be OK.

Turner County Firefighter Larry Lane was injured at the fire trying to get out the fire truck. Larry Lane fell and broke his pelvis, and is at the hospital trying to recover.

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