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The end is near?

You might not have to go to work Monday morning, according to Harold Camping. Because he says Judgment Day is Saturday!

His Christian organization has put up 2,000 billboards worldwide saying 'Save the Date.'

Back in 1994 he wrote a book entitled 1994, predicting the end as well. And since we're still here, he says his calculator was broken.

Some say just like there was a beginning there has to be an end. And according to Christian Preacher Harold Camping the end is Saturday May 21st. 

"One time it was Martians were going to land, when I was like 13," said Diane Murray.

"Yeah, but he said that was gone happen years ago and it didn't," said Mollie Hanby. 

Last time Camping says his math was off.  "LOL!" said  Murray.

 Camping came up with a sophisticated formula to find Judgment Day. He says Jesus was crucified in April 1, 33 AD. Using the earth's orbits and some pretty long division, adding and subtracting. The apocalypse starts this Saturday.

"I hope not because I'm supposed to be going on vacation Sunday," said Terrell Fire chief Mark Davis.

"Praise the Lord, if he comes Saturday that'll be great," said Rachel Reynolds.

The people we talk to quoted scriptures in the Bible that speaks against this kind of prediction. 

"Scripture says that no man knows the time, and the Lord is going to come like a thief in the night. So it's something unexpected," said Reynolds.

And oddly enough these Christians actually find peace in not knowing.  "So there's a lot I still want to do. But if I get in a car wreck right now I know where my eternity lies," said Reynolds.

"I have grandchildren I'd like to see grow up but if he comes tomorrow then it's time to go. Well come Sunday morning we'll find out if he was right or wrong for the second time," said Murray.

Camping goes on to predict 3% of humanity will go to Heaven. Leaving everyone else suffering for five months until the real end on October 21st.

Well some of you chimed in on our Facebook page.   Brenda Harrell Musgrove says "I have too much to do tomorrow; can I have a rain check?"

Kellie Johns wrote: "If and when it happens, we will all know!! Until then I'm only gonna worry about today."


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