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Flyovers turn up weed in south Georgia

An air search turns up marijuana in some south Georgia counties. The Governor's Task Force flew over Echols, Atksinson and Clinch counties today looking for pot fields.

And they hit the jackpot in Echols County where they found more than 200 plants growing.

Helicopters fly in Clinch County on the hunt for marijuana grown as a cash crop.

"We're on a continuous fight to eradicate marijuana in our county," said Clinch County Inv. Allen Morgan.

Once the team inside the helicopters spot marijuana, investigators get in their trucks and ATVs, follow the choppers, and track down the weed.

Through these fly over operations about 500 plots of marijuana are found each year throughout Georgia.

The Governor's Drug Task Force Lt. Eddie Williams says the money to pay for these operations comes from the drug dealers themselves through asset forfeitures.

These are some of the plants found in Clinch.

"If they want to grow it we're out to catch them," said Morgan. "We plan on prosecuting them to the fullest extent."

Investigators say the Arabia Bay fire burned some of the grows.

"We located some grows that had been melted and burned but there's still a lot more growing out here but we just have to find it," said Morgan.

They use intelligence briefings and try to put themselves in the shoes of the growers. Six state and three federal agencies make up the task force.

The war on weed is something clinch county investigators say they'll continue to fight because drugs lead to more problems like theft, burglaries and and all kinds of criminal activities.

Clinch turned up five plants.

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