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The solar power conference is tonight

How would you like to put more money in your pocket using Solar energy? It can be used to operate just about anything.

There are solar powered cars, calculators and even radios that work using the sun's energy. Using solar panels will convert the sun's energy into a useable form.

Now there's a lot debate about who invented the first one, but there's no question using it will save money on bills. Five percent of energy being used is renewable if you live in albany.

But we have more emissions here than the national average according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Some say solar power is a perfect system and should be used to it's total advantage.

There's a solar power conference tonight at the civic center. Panel members will discuss the benefits of Solar Energy.

And they plan to explain how solar power affects the environment and our economy? People from all walks of life are invited to attend.

The solar power conference is being held at the civic center. And it starts at 6:30 Tuesday night.

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