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Climax residents clean up after storm

Powerful winds and hail caused problems for residents of Climax. A Saturday afternoon thunderstorm brought down trees and limbs.

Some of those trees even fell on houses. A fast moving storm left Climax residents cleaning up.

"I saw Heavy rain and hail. It sounded like a freight train coming through here," said Paul Moreland. 

"I was in my bedroom getting dressed. And it scared me," said Kaye Hickox. .

Corner after corner toppled trees and storm debris lined the streets. "The fire department was here to help out. And they made sure everybody was safe," said Moreland.

"We didn't know what the damage was until it quit raining and lighting," she said. 

Kaye Hickox sits on city council and was getting dressed when the storm came through town. "It's a path called curry hill. And it look like the storm came straight through it," said Hickox. 

 Resident's say when the storm came it gave their house a makeover. This is where the roof use to be and this is where it is now.

"We were real lucky," said Hickox. 

The storm's fury only lasted minutes but that was just long enough to pull up this Oak tree from it's roots.

"The power is on, but the telephone lines are down. It's mainly a lot of debris everywhere," she said. 

Even though all this is creating more elbow work, they're just glad no one was hurt. Georgia Power crews worked for about 3 hours this afternoon restoring power.

AT&T has crews en route to fix down telephone lines.

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