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Principals play musical chairs

The Dougherty County School System will see a big shake up among principals and vice principals next school year.

Superintendent Dr. Joshua Murfree is making the moves to try to improve academic results from students.

Over the last nine months Dr. Murfree has spent a lot of time out of this building and in schools watching the principals, he came up with a lot of changes he wants to make and we understand these changes will go into effect as early as the end of the school year which is next week.

The administration offices at a lot of Dougherty County schools will have different, but familiar faces in them when school begins in August. For starters Westover is the only of four high schools that will have the same principal. It's part of Dr. Murfree's effort to improve academic performance and a majority of the board is backing him.

"He's wanting to make positive changes, that are going to make a difference," said school board member Darrel Ealum.

"There were a couple of appointments or reappointment that I was not happy with, but you know I'm willing to give them a chance, the time frame should be no more than a year," said school board member Carol Tharin.

Board members even questioned if just shifting around principals is really dealing with the problem.

"I said Dr. Murfree do you feel like we're just playing musical chairs, we're just moving things around? He said Darrel I know it can be perceived that way but we have to take this in strides and he said right now these are moves and actions that I can take with the boards approval to immediately start moving us forward," said Ealum.

One of the changes includes moving recently disciplined principal of Southside Middle School Joey James to Assistant Principal at Monroe High. Former Educator and board member Dr. Anita Williams Brown knows first hand some times, just moving an educator can make a difference.

"Sometime we are placed on levels that it's not our expertise and Dr. Murfree has gone around to all the schools, for nine months he's been in and out every day," said Brown.

But Board members say they'll be watching and they expect if the desired results aren't met more changes will come.

"We're not going to sacrifice children anymore to benefit adults," said Brown.

"It is not pleasant to fire anyone, but sometimes it has to be done, so if that's what the end result has to be we'll just have to bite the bullet and do it," said Tharin.

Possibly leading to more tough decision by this time next year.

One of the changes will also include removing Albany High Principal Sheila Marshall, because of Race to the Top requirements.

Several elementary principals will be moved to high schools and high school principals switched to middle schools.

  • Here is  the complete list of changes to both Principals and Vice Principals for 2011-2012

 Dr. Angela Shumate   Albany High School

Mr. Jose' Roquemore    Dougherty Comprehensive High School

Dr. Valerie Thomas   Monroe Comprehensive High School

William Chunn   Westover Comprehensive High School

Mr. Horace Reid   Albany Middle School

Thelma Chunn   Dougherty International Education Middle School

 Dr. Sammie Pringle    Robert A. Cross Middle Magnet School

 Dr. Ufot Inyang   Merry Acres Middle School

 Vinson Davis   Radium Springs Middle School of the Arts

 Dr. Johnny Scott  Southside Middle School

 Pat Victor  Alice Coachman Elementary School

 Dr. Zeda George  International Studies Elementary Charter School

 Dr. LaZoria Brawn  Jackson Heights Elementary School

 Catherine Whitfield  Lake Park Elementary School

 (Vacant)    Lamar Reese Fine Arts Elementary School

 Dr. Sheryl Holmes  Lincoln Elementary Magnet School

 Ellen Lane   Live Oak Elementary School

 Dr. Jacquelyn Frazier   Magnolia Elementary School

 Carolyn Scott    Martin Luther King Elementary School

 Gloria Baker   Morningside Elementary School

 (Vacant)   Northside Elementary School

Gail Griffin   Radium Springs Elementary School

Eddie Johnson   Sherwood Acres elementary School

Deborah Jones   Sylvester Road Elementary School 

Dr. Gail Solomon   Turner Elementary School

Alene Pringle   West Town Elementary School

Dr. John I. Davis   South Georgia Regional Achievement Center

Barbara Harvey   Coordinator, Early College Initiative

Candy Hergert Director  Oak Tree Psycho educational Center

Gloria Kendall   Director of Pre-K Program

Scott Horton   Albany High School

Kono Smith   Albany High School

 Benny Rucks   Dougherty Comprehensive High School

Sajuana Wilson-Williams   Dougherty Comprehensive High School

 Ben Johnson   Monroe Comprehensive High School

 Willie Presley   Monroe Comprehensive High School

 Joey James   Monroe Comprehensive High School

 Gene Miles   Westover Comprehensive High School

 Bruce Bowles Westover Comprehensive High School

 Craveous Butler   Albany Middle School 

Roderick Pollock   Dougherty International Education Middle School

Dr. David Hamilton   Merry Acres Middle School 

Dr. Valarie Williams   Merry Acres Middle School

Dr. Kimberly Thompson   Radium Springs Middle School

Willie Jackson   Robert A. Cross Middle Magnet School

 Steven Dudley   Southside Middle School

 Caria Malone   Alice Coachman Elementary School

 Layton Stephenson  International Studies Elementary School

 Barbara Collier (Retired, Vacant)  Jackson Heights Elementary School

 Kenosha Coleman   Lake Park Elementary School

 Mr. George Graham  Lamar Reese Elementary Fine Arts Magnet School

 Brent Fowler  Lincoln Elementary Magnet School

 Demetria Smith  Live Oak Elementary School

 Vontressa Childs  Magnolia Elementary School

 David Adams   Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School 

Dr. Maqueta Griswold  Morningside Elementary School

 Yvette Simmons  Radium Springs Elementary School

 Dr. Christine Ford  Sherwood Elementary School

 Patricia Green  Sylvester Road Elementary

 Carrie Kirkland  Turner Elementary School

 David Walker  West Town Elementary School


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