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Murder warrant issued for Ben Hill Co. man

An emotional plea tonight for a suspected killer to surrender as a Fitzgerald man's own daughter begs him to surrender.

Brenda McDaniel was found dead inside their home Sunday evening. Frank McDaniel is no where to be found.

Wednesday a murder warrant was issued for McDaniel. Frank McDaniel's biological daughter Lucy says she cut ties with her father because of his violent history.

Frank McDaniel is 58 years old and he's wanted for murdering his wife of 13 years Brenda McDaniel. "He took my momma from me and I'm going to miss her, I want him found," said her Brenda's son Keith Young.

Her body was found Sunday evening in the couple's Ben Hill County home but her husband is nowhere to be found."He left her there, so that none of us can see her, its going to be a closed casket because of the brutality," said Frank's biological daughter Lucy Jordan.

Her children say Frank McDaniel has a history of Abuse, aggression, anger, and alcoholism."I always felt the day would come that he would kill her one day, my family has been fearful of that for a long time," said Amy Wright, Brenda's daughter.

Now Brenda's children and Frank's daughter Lucy have come together urging McDaniel to turn himself in, before something else happens. "He's a man with nothing to lose, and a man with nothing to lose is a dangerous man," said Lucy.

Family members say McDaniel previously threatened to kill Brenda."She didn't just die, she was murdered and her murderer needs to pay for what he's done," said Amy.

Sadly, the life of Brenda McDaniel, was cut short and the woman described as an angel bubbling over with love and forgiveness will never see another day."She was more than my mom, she was my best friend," said Amy.

Her family will never get to say goodbye but her children say Frank has a chance to come clean."He's taken a cowards path thus far now its time for is to man up and face what he's done," said Lucy.

The urge anyone who knows where he is to call authorities right away.

Frank could be anywhere in the US at this point and he may have even dyed his hair but he cannot hide a very noticeable scar on the right side of his face that resembles a hook.

Family members also asks that anyone watching help get his picture out by sharing it on Facebook or other sites.

McDaniel drives a Dark Green 2004 Chevy Suburban over silver with chrome wheels.

The GA License plate number W-X-6-5-V-B.


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