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Ocilla mom says Arsenic in water to blame for cancer

An Irwin County woman is urging people in Georgia to have their water tested after toxic levels of Arsenic and other heavy metals showed up in hers.

Janet McMahan of Ocilla is urging everyone to have their water tested after she found toxic levels of arsenic and other heavy metals up in her water.

She, her son and their two dogs developed cancer around the same time.

Friday, she'll take her concerns to Washington.

Scientifically, there is no way to tell where cancer comes from or how to find a cure, but Janet McMahan says she and her family developed cancer during the drought.

She says their only link is the water they drink and after years of research she is convinced it's the Arsenic and other metals detected.

Janet McMahan is on a mission.She's warning everyone about their drinking water. "The possibility of losing a child or a family member is reason enough to buy the water filter enough, and reason to test your water," she said.

She, her 24-year old Son, and her two Labrador Retrievers were all diagnosed with cancer around the time Georgia was going through a drought. "Georgia is running out of water and the Aquifers are filling up with sediment so everyone in the state needs to test their water," she said.

She had her water tested and the recommended water SPIGOT tests showed negligible amounts of any toxic metals. She decided to go a step further and get the sediment in her water heater checked. "We had toxic levels of Arsenic, 18 times the amount of Manganese plus heavy Iron," she said.

Her husband is a family physician in Ocilla, and he says heavy metals do lead to health problems however he says there is no solid data available that indicates the high levels of Arsenic is to blame for the cancers.

But after witnessing an increase in cancer cases over the past few years, he believes that link has to do with something in the environment. "I have no doubt in my mind that there is not something in the environment that is causing a multitude of health problems and particularly these unusual cancers in unusual numbers," he said.

While we may never know the exact cause, you can take your health into your own hands. "If you have any questions and I think there is cause to be concerned..do the testing and take control of your own health.

A Simple test may help keep your family safe.

McMahan says there are certain types of filters you can get from a company north of our area but first you need to have the sediment tested in your well water and water heaters to find out what kind of filter you need.

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