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Cameras up and running soon at Hudson Dockett

The Valdosta Housing Authority is turning to surveillance cameras to make the Hudson Docket housing project safer.

There've been several shootings there, including a deadly shootout in 2009 in which 11 people were shot. One of them died.

They hope the security cameras will make people think twice before committing a crime.

They also hope it will mean quicker response times when there is trouble.

Twenty new cameras are being installed at Hudson Dockett. Police hope the cameras will catch crimes, like the shooting that happened Tuesday night, on tape. The housing complex was also the site of a shootout in 2009 that wounded ten people and killed 19-year old Sidney Bivins.

"It's very dangerous you have to stay on edge, paranoia," said Brittany Brown. "You have to mind your own business around here."

These two residents were displaced by hurricane katrina and have been living here ever since. 

 "It's our retirement place," said Johnnie Coleman.

"Here, it's like a piece of cake compared to home," said Bertha Moore.

The hurricane destroyed their entire New Orleans home except the bedroom they were hiding in.

The housing authority says through a survey they found the majority of residents here say they feel the cameras will add a new level of security.

"It'll make the community safer if they got somebody watching the cameras 24/7," said Chanita Williams.

"We hope by having the cameras monitored closely around the clock, we'll be able to identify people who don't need to be there and then take action to stop their trespassing on property," said Mark Stalvey, the executive director of the Valdosta Housing Authority.

He says the majority of crime that happens at Hudson Dockett isn't from the residents, it's people from the outside.

"People that don't even stay out here come out here and go shooting other people, children," said Williams. "They be shooting all types of people. It's just crazy out here."

Residents say a lot of the crime is gang and drug related.

The housing authority says the cameras will cover 95 percent of the property and they hope to send a message to criminals and make the people who live there feel safe.

Eight cameras will also be installed at Ora Lee West homes.

The housing authority is also in the process of hiring a  officer for its properties.

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