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Man remembers cousin killed on 9/11

Andre Dodd Andre Dodd

An Albany man who lost his first cousin in the 9-11 terrorist attack on the Pentagon is reflecting on his family's loss following the killing of the man who ordered that attack. He says Osama bin Laden's death does bring some closure, but he worries about terrorist retaliation.

It's amazing how widespread the 9-11 tragedy was felt across America. Family members of the thousands of victims seem to be in every community. They have never forgotten their loss. So the news that the man who directed their murder has been brought to justice, has special meaning to each of them.

The death of Osama bin Laden was of course the topic of conversation at Supa Cuts barber shop in South Albany. "I was relieved that they had finally captured and killed him," said Andre Dodd.

But bin Laden's death had special meaning to Andre Dodd. His first cousin, 53 year old Edna Stephens, was killed on 9-11 inside the Pentagon.

"After ten years. I am glad to see that all was not in vain," Dodd said.

Stephens, a Gainesville, Georgia native, had worked in the Pentagon for 34 years, and was a budget analyst. She was one of the 125 military and civilian personnel who worked in the Pentagon killed when American Airlines Flight 77 slammed into the military's headquarters building. Dodd says the tragedy has brought his family closer over the years.

 "That it had happened to our family. It also brought about a greater closeness, but to lose someone you love it was very tragic."

A Navy veteran himself, Dodd said he hopes bin Laden's death will help the nation and his family members heal. 

"Not necessarily that vengeance has been taken for my cousin, but that the perpetrator has been caught and killed. Hopefully for my other family as well it brings closure to them."

Edna Stephens is buried in Gainesville, and there is a memorial to her and the other victims in Washington D.C. Dodd says on 9-11 this year he plans to visit family in Gainesville, to honor his cousin. 

Dodd said he worries that all the celebrations across the United States will be viewed harshly by al Qaeda supporters across the world, and he hopes all Americans stay vigilant to guard against any future terror attacks.

184 people were killed in the Pentagon attack. 59 passengers and crew aboard the aircraft that took off from Washington's Dulles Airport and the 125 people inside in the Pentagon.


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