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Local churches help storm victims

There were more tornadoes in one day last week than any other ever recorded in history. Government analysts say there were more than 300 tornadoes during last week's outbreak.

As the city of Ringgold, GA and Hackleberg, Ala cope with loss. They've found friends here in Southwest, GA.

In the small town of Hackelburg, Alabama, it looks like a bomb went off. A confirmed F5 tornado touched down according to the red cross.

The powerful winds left houses broken in two. And Residents are left picking up the pieces. 29 people died in Hackleburg alone as a result of the storm.

More than 200 miles away, If you took a picture of Ringgold, GA, and Hackelburg, it would be hard to tell the difference.

They were hit by an EF-4 tornado. according to Catoosa County Sheriffs office. And This view from a helicopter puts in perspective just how powerful the storm was.

Eight people there did not survive. Those who are left need food, clothes, and water. Although they're glad to be alive, daily survival is a challenge.

That's why Porter field Church in Albany and Christian Union church in Ashburn are taking donations.

These are two separate drives for one main cause and that's to help those affected. 

Porter field United Methodist Church is collecting plastic container boxes to send to Hackleburg.  And Christian Union church has several places to donate. To find the nearest site to you click (here)

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