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Professor: Popularity bump won't last Obama long


A Valdosta State University political science professor says Osama Bin Laden's death could give President Obama a boost in the polls-- but probably won't help him in next year's election.

Dr. James LaPlant says the successful mission to kill Bin Laden likely will increase the President's popularity in the short run.

He says the 2012 Election will be driven by the economy and the strength of his republican challenger.

"Having the success of taking out Bin Laden, weakening Al Quaida I think he can think of that as a huge success when he begins to draw down troops this summer in Afghanistan to maybe give him some political cover,"  said LaPlant.

He says while Bin Laden's death won't be a huge payoff for the president, it could help CIA Director Leon Panetta who was just nominated by the President to become secretary of defense when Robert Gates retires.

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