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Victim catches burglars

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Dominique Johnson Dominique Johnson
Raquell Richardson Raquell Richardson

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Some bumbling burglars tangled with the wrong man this evening in Albany.

When he saw them trying to steal from his property. He grabbed his gun and his phone and called police as he caught the crooks.

WALB News Ten's Tayleigh Davis has the story of the man who stood up to the criminals.

Herbert Gladin does not let age get in the way of protecting himself or his property. The 71-year-old saw people on his property inside his locked fence. So he grabbed his gun and ran outside to see what was going on.

"I Just saw two men in my locked up yard," said Gladin. "They've been stealing from me regularly so I said maybe this is the day I get one of them."

Gladin says he saw at least two people on his vacant property on Florence Drive...about 250 feet away from his home on Lucille street.

After he saw one man pushing his lawn mower down the alley, he confronted him and held him at gunpoint while the other suspect ran.

"He said he had asthma. I told him to put his hands on his hood and shut up."

In the meantime, the people in this car tried to speed away, but they crashed into the very lawn mower the thieves tried to steal. They got caught too.

Police arrested one man who he held at gunpoint. They charged Nicholas Wright and Raquell Richardson with theft by taking and criminal trespass and Dominique Johnson with theft by taking. All are 23 years old.

Gladin is happy to see them in handcuffs. He's been a victim of burglaries at least six times.

Gladin says in the past thieves have stolen boat batteries, extension cords, and other materials.

He praised the police for their quick response.

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