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Lakeland Police: 11 break-ins linked

Lakeland police are investigating 11 break-ins they believe are linked.

The latest burglaries happened Thursday night at a probation office and insurance company.

Investigators think the burglar is the same guy caught on tape during another crime. Police think he's looking for money to pay for drugs.

Lakeland Police believe the man in this surveillance video from a break-in at the Burger Shack is the same man responsible for two break-ins Thursday night and several others in the last month.

"No one is immune to this happening," said Wesley Studstill with A.D. Probation Services. "If they break into a probation office they'll break into anywhere."

Studstill says it's ironic that a crime take place in a probation office.

"I've told several of my probationers today about it and they've told me this would be the last place they'd want to break into," said Studstill.

"It's the 10 and 11 th break-in, same M.O., same shoe print," said Lakeland Police Det. Henry Ferst.

Police say he took off a screen and pried open a window to get inside.

Studstill says he noticed some things in his desk drawer out of place when he came to work this morning. The suspect's shoe print was left on the door after he kicked it in. The door separates the two businesses, A.D. Probation Services and Hamm Insurance. At Hamm Insurance, the burglar broke into the register and took cash.

"The burglar is strictly after paper cash," said Det. Ferst.

The burglar did do a few thousand dollars worth of damage to the building.

Police say they do have a suspect and they hope to have enough evidence to make an arrest soon.

Lakeland police are also investigating a possible robbery at a pawn shop Thursday that wasn't reported to them.

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