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Darton College professor starts gas strike

A Darton College professor believes the power of social media and the action of consumers could drive down gas prices.

Roger Marietta rode his bike a mile to work Monday after launching a facebook page calling others to action in a gas strike for the next 30 days. He chose facebook to launch the effort after seeing how it helped bring about radical change recently in the middle east. Marietta says it's unrealistic to think no one would buy gas for 30 days, but he says we can all do our part to conserve.

"Those people that still have to drive every day can still inflate their tires better, they can no accelerate as quickly they can drive the speed limit, they can take little steps to minimize their gas purchases," said Roger Marietta, Darton College Political Science.

Marietta thinks consumers have the power, through conservation, to force speculators to bring the price back down. He wants people to reduce their use until gas drops below $3.00 a gallon. He wrote letters to the editors of seven newspapers and sent his plan to a thousand friends on facebook and hopes others will do the same.

You can find out more about the strike by clicking the link: 


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