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Oak Crest Academy pedals for St Jude

Parents and children at Oak Crest Academy are raising money in their fourth annual Trike-A-Thon for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

The event lets children ride on their tricycles and bicycles to help raise the money.

St. Jude treats children with cancer and other devastating diseases, but also does research into new treatments, and that's where this money is heading.

Oak Crest Director Anna Massey says "So far we've raised over fifteen hundred dollars and our goal is to continue to raise money through next week, and we'll send the money to St. Jude's and hopefully surpass last year's amount raised."

In addition to helping the research hospital, teachers at Oak Crest are also using the event to help teach the children important lessons.

In the week leading up to the trike-a-thon they talk about the importance of bicycle safety such as wearing helmets and pads, and getting enough exercise!

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