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Hubbard to leave commission for mayoral run

Albany's Ward Two Councilwoman will give up her seat for a chance to make history.

We told you Wednesday that Dorothy Hubbard was running for mayor. She made the official announcement Thursday. No woman has ever served as mayor of Albany. Hubbard said she'll run on her six year record as a city commissioner.

The mayor's office is on the fifth floor of the Government Center. Since 2004 Mayor Willie Adams has held the position. In seven months voters will pick his replacement and candidates are lining up. Dorothy Hubbard made her announcement across the river.

Since January, 21 blighted properties across Albany have been torn down, an effort Dorothy Hubbard wants to continue. That's why she chose one in her district along Church Street and braved the rain to announced her plans for mayor.

"I want to show you what I do, rather than to tell you," said Hubbard.

Hubbard bills herself as the candidate who will show up, having missed just one commission meeting in six years. She's already planning "Huddle with Hubbard" sessions to find out what's on voters minds.

"I will go from home to home from business to business, from neighborhood to neighborhood to hear from our citizens and to get input on how to move Albany forward," said Hubbard.

She knows the city has some big obstacles to overcome.

"We need jobs, we need a safer clean community and more education, training and fresh ideas to spark positive and productive ways to do business," claimed the candidate.

When asked about breaking through what's been traditionally a man's job here in Albany, Hubbard said, "I think everyone wants a safe community, I think everyone wants a clean community, so I'm going to be working with the women and bringing the men along."

While Hubbard's getting out early in the campaign, she promised to remain focused and not worry who else joins the race, instead concentrating on what the city needs.

Hubbard called Mayor Willie Adams to let him know she was officially entering the race, but hasn't asked him for advice yet. She'll be looking for a lot of advice from different people.

Kirk Smith has also declared his intention to run for Mayor. Qualifying for the position doesn't open until the end of August. Christopher Pike who indicated he might run, today said he's leaning toward not running, because of other business opportunities, but things may change.

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