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Chambliss: Obama kept 'birther' flap alive


Senator Saxby Chambliss joked with South Georgians Thursday about President Barack Obama's release of his long form birth certificate.

He said he's ready to move on from the 'birther' controversy to some real news like the royal wedding.

Senator Chambliss told the Camilla Rotary club he knew many people were fascinated by the issue. 

Even though President Obama previously released Hawaii's version of a legal birth certificate, yesterday he showed a more detailed certificate that proves he was born in this country.

"It's pretty obvious now the President is the one who kept it alive. He could have done this a few years ago when it first was raised, but he didn't do it. Looking back on it, I bet he wishes he had," Chambliss said.

A recent CNN/opinion research poll showed that nearly 75% of Americans believe the President was definitely or probably born in America.

Senator Chambliss said he is sure many people will still have doubts.

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