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Storm readiness can save your life

Severe storms, heavy Rain and tornadoes have terrorized  five states Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia and Virginia.

So far at least 178 people have died and Emergency crews expect that number to climb.  Many times being prepared increases your chances of survival.

According to The Georgia Emergency Management, it can take up to three days for utility crews to restore power in a weather disaster.

And that's why everyone should have an emergency supply kit. You need food, water, batteries, candles and a weather radio in the kit.

Because when severe weather strikes, there may be only a few seconds to react. The first step in being prepared is to have a way to receive weather information.

Depending on weather conditions, you should designate a safe place at home or work. To protect yourself from flying debris and high winds use sleeping bags or mattresses.

If you happen to be in car or mobile home, when it hits, find a strong building for shelter.

If that's not possible, lie flat in the nearest ditch. Don't forget to buy or create a severe weather supply kit and keep it in your house and car.

Code Red is also available if you live in Dougherty County. It's the emergency telephone service that will notify you of weather dangers.

Also if you have an I-phone or a Droid, WALB has a weather app available. With it you can see a 10-day forecast and an interactive map that shows storms in the area.


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