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T'ville drug runners caught in the act

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THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - 31 Year old Amanda Willis and 27 year old Danielle Fulghum were spotted at the BP gas station on US 19 and State Road 202. Thomas County Narcotics agents had Willis' white Mustang on their radar.

Before the two women could flee the scene, agents swarmed the vehicle. "We then found approximately 31 pills underneath the driver's seat," said Thomas County Narcotics Commander Kevin Lee.

Agents say Willis and Fulghum were on their way to Thomasville to sell hydrocodone to an unknown dealer. Narcotics Commander Kevin Lee says Fulghum willingly gave agents marijuana she had in her possession. "We knew Danielle Fulghum had a warrant for her arrest. I believe it was a probation violation."

Lee says it was easy for these women to obtain the pills. "They were going to these super pain management clinics in Florida, but the Feds have really been shutting them down."

Lee says lately the number of prescription drug arrests has shot up. "We just see a sharp increase in prescription pills. Not just pain pills, but other types. We're doing our best to combat it because a lot of times pain medicine, people get addicted to it without even knowing it."

Lee says sometimes addicts get pills from people who really need them. "They'll also go to doctors here or they'll have family members that get them and don't use them and then they get them. So there's numerous ways they come across them."

Lee says he will never take any prescription pain killer because he says it's possible for anyone to become addicted.

Both women are charged with unlawful possession of hydrocodone with the intent to sell. Fulghum is also charged with possession of marijuana.

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