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Neighbors say teens throw bricks at people

People in a Valdosta neighborhood are fed up with crime there.

They say brick-throwing teenagers are attacking neighbors, vandalizing buildings, and breaking into homes.

They want it to stop.

19-year old Roynitsheia Johnson was walking her dog Lady around 6:30 Thursday night on Holiday street when a brick hit her in the head.

"They are the neighborhood bullies they terrorize the neighborhood," said Patricia Johnson, the victim's mom.

A neighbor was bit by Lady as he helped the teen. Lady's being quarantined until early May.

She says that man isn't filing charges for the dog bite. She says he was more concerned with her daughter.

She says it's not the first time bricks went flying through the air in the neighborhood. Johnson says another incident happened a month ago.

"A neighbor was taking groceries out of the car and the neighbor starting throwing bricks at her and a passerby told them to stop throwing bricks and they started throwing bricks at him," said Johnson.

She says she isn't sure the teens names but she knows their faces.

She says they broke into her neighbor's home and vandalized other houses and a church.

"You name it," said Johnson. "They're doing it."

She says even at Christmas the same clique destroyed her christmas decorations. The assault on her daughter Thursday night forced her to leave work. She says other neighbors are fed up too.

"They want to say something but I guess i'm the only who wants to step up to the plate because enough is enough," said Johnson.

She says the violence needs to stop before someone is seriously hurt or killed.

The girl hit by the brick last night was treated at a hospital, but she's okay now.

Police are investigating that case.

Neighbors tell us some victims haven't reported other crimes to police because they're scared of the teenaged troublemakers.

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