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What does Easter and Passover mean to you?

This whole week is very special for two religious groups in America. During this time Christians and Jews celebrate Easter and Passover.

But what do those sacred holidays actually mean? Easter and Passover are the foundation of the Jewish and Christian faith.

This very scripture is the cornerstone  for millions of Christians worldwide. "They entered in and found not the body of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is not here but he is risen," said Bishop Victor Powell. 

And for many it's the true meaning of Easter. "Our faith is hinged on the cross," said Powell. 

Bishop Victor Powell is the presiding Bishop of Rhema Word Cathedral. Even though he's been in ministry for years, the meaning behind the cross never gets old. "The fact that he was for three days in the grave, and on the third day resurrected is our foundation. Many people died but not all have come back except one," said Powell.

But how do you know all this is true? "History shows that when they went to his tomb it was empty.  Also he's done something so real in my spirit that transforms the way I think," said Powell. 

And for those of the Jewish community, Passover is just as sacred. It represents the coming out of Egypt, by the ancient Israelites from slavery to freedom. "During those seven days, we pray and commemorate that day by having one or two seders," said Rabbi Kaplan.  

During Seders families gather for a meal and read the Haggadah. "I strongly relate to the central message of Passover which is the innate right for everyone to be free," said Rabbi Kaplan. 

Two different celebrations share a commitment to faith and purpose. The last day of Passover and Easter are this Sunday.

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