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Cell phones make landlines obsolete?

What were once new words are now part of our everyday vocabulary. "You can get Ipads, you can get smart phones," said Courtney Brinson, Regional Director of AT&T.

Wireless technology that allows you to do just about anything, anywhere. It's big change from the days when your home telephone was the only way to talk to a friend, "Some of these phones are phenomenal, they are handheld computers," said Brinson.

A report recently released from the National Center for Health Statistics shows that cell phones are becoming the only home phones in an increasing number of U.S. households. "To be honest we see a lot of customers string away from those landline devises," said Cassandra Jackson, store manager at AT&T.

Customers like Jason James, who says he doesn't plan on getting a landline. He says he prefers having everything he needs at his fingertips.

Some wireless providers, like AT&T are making big investments based on their customers demands. "Between 2008 and 2010 in Georgia AT&T invested over 3.3 billion dollars in our networks," said Brinson.

AT&T says even though landline use continues to grow, there is a shift towards wireless technology. "People want mobility now, they want to be free they want to be able to surf the Internet conduct their business,"said Brinson.

A trend that doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon.


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